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I. Presentation

This website has intent to present continental and inter-african normative acts in force. Treaties are classified in 9 domains  :

0.1 Territory-People-Authorities
0.2 Private Law-Civil Justice-Enforcement
0.3 Criminal law-Criminal Justice-Execution of sanctions
0.4 Security
0.5 Education_Science_Culture_Art_Sport
0.6 Finance
0.7 Terrigory planning_Environnement_Communications_Mines
0.8 Health-Employment-Social security
0.9 Economy

Below number 0.1 are gathered treaties to African territories, human rights and institutions.  

Below number 0.2 are gathered treaties which govern reationship between individuals (civil status, family, succession, property law, obligations (contract and tort law), civil procedure.

Below number 0.3 are gathered treaties fighting against criminality in Africa and criminal procedures.

Below number 0.4 are gathered treaties on peace and military assistance.

Below number 0.5 are gathered treaties on on education (education (primary, secondary, high school), scientific research, culture, art, sport, games, weather, metrology..

Below number 0.6 are gathered treaties on financial matter and public entreprise, market, banks, money.

Below number 0.7 are gathered treaties linked to organisation of the territory. It includes on one side those on environment, territory planning, urban planning, tourism, natural reserve, water, fauna and flora. On the other side, those on subsoil (energy, mines). In the end, there are texts concerning commuincation within territorial space (telecommunications, post, transport, media).

Below number 0.8 are gathered treaties on on health, medecine, pharmacy, employment and social security.

Below number 0.9 are gathered treaties on commercial laws.  There are norms of primary sector (agriculture), secondary sector (industry) and tertiary sector (services).

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